How To Maintain A Bankroll And Manage Money

Bankroll is the term that indicates the money that a poker player has separated from their own and can therefore afford to lose. without risk of affecting his financial situation in case something goes wrong.

Poker itself is volatile, and the chances of winning or losing enough by playing even just 3-4 hours are quite high. This is especially true of online poker as the games are very fast paced.

For beginners it is therefore advisable to start games with very low limits, in order to become familiar with the game while limiting losses. The vast majority of new players underestimate the bankroll required to play with certain limits for a relatively long period of time.

Money and bankroll management is also very important for experienced players. Many experienced players don’t know how to manage their finances and end up running out of steam more than once. A common mistake is to move to higher limits too quickly.

Some players raise the limit of their games and after a couple of weeks in a draw or a little profit they raise it up taking their entire bankroll with them. This way of playing will almost certainly lead to the player running out of money.

There are many reasons for this. First, you are putting too much pressure on your insufficient bankroll and playing at high levels where you have to adopt a different style of play. Also, you are playing against players who are probably stronger than yourself.

Finally, the higher the limit, the greater the risk of playing too passively. Many players get scared when they are inexperienced and cannot afford to lose. Try to stay away from this type of behavior. Play for at least 200 hours with reasonable limits with which you have good results or at least you are not too much at a loss.

Fortunately for the few pro players out there, most players play for fun. If you are not 100% focused on the game and play primarily for fun, you belong to 95% of happy amateurs.

Don’t ruin your hobby by playing too high, although there is a quick way to win or at least draw in poker.

By studying some basic strategies and practicing with low limits you have a good chance of becoming a winning player. The reason is that most other players don’t really play to win.